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      Welcome to Taizhou Bolon Pharmachem Co.,Ltd.
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      Quality is on the top agenda of Bolon Pharmachem. Our Total Quality System oversees raw material selection, production, packaging, and delivery of the final products. All of our current facilities are certified with ISO9001:2000. Some of them are operated under GMP guidance. Even on the business side, the Marketing and Sales Department at Bolon Pharmachem works closely with the Quality Assurance (QA) team. The collaboration encompasses initiating detailed product specifications, developing material safety data sheets, and auditing the facilities of our raw material suppliers.
      The central Quality Compliance (QC) Department at our headquarters is composed of a group of well-trained technical staff. They oversee the method development of raw materials, intermediates and final products, monitor the quality of all final products, as well as supervise and train QC personnel for the plants. In the meanwhile, our QC staff at the plants monitor the daily activities associated with the raw materials, in-process intermediates and final products in the production process.
      QA Officers, both at the headquarters and plants, are the leaders of the Quality Assurance Team, which is an independent body and reports to the top executives in the company. They are fully responsible for developing, supervising, and approving our Total Quality Program.The QA team is dedicated to the very mission: to deliver products that meet or even exceed the standards in terms of quality, safety and consistency.
      personnel support for project team.
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